Sandra Park: Principal 

October 2016


Freedom Falcon Families

Welcome! We are Falcon Proud, and excited that your children are with us as we begin the 2nd quarter of the 16-17 school year!  The Freedom staff has been implementing a number of Next Generation learning strategies during the 1st quarter of school, and that's just the beginning!  This year we have implemented flexible grouping strategies, common, formative assessments, and are working daily to engage learners with relevant and targeted learning activities. A new benchmark assessment program, called Galileo K-12 has provided us with essential information about students' mastery of standards to help us plan instruction. In additional to the hard work of learning, we have had fun. We had an awesome Field Day and Fun Run fundraiser, a giant traveling map from National Geographic, and even a visit from Buster the Bus!


We want Freedom to be a place in which all learners belong. To be intentional about connecting with our students and families, we have implemented a program called Capturing Kids Hearts. All of our licensed staff have been trained in Capturing Kids Hearts. It is a program designed to support staff and students learn to interact in such a way that we can learn to problem solve and resolve conflict. It is a way to intentionally learn to connect and engage with each other. We are at the beginning of this implementation, and expect to fully implement Capturing Kids Hearts in the next three years. As a part of Capturing Kids Hearts, each classroom has a Social Contract; an agreement in which everybody has input, that states how classmates and teachers will treat each other. The Social Contract is a way to positively reinforce productive interaction and to build the classroom community. It also allows learners to prepare for the interactions they will have when they are outside of the school setting.


I'm excited to share that we are officially in the first year of implementing the Freedom Vision. Our vision is not a one page statement of philosophy. Instead, the Freedom Vision is a document that details five areas of actionable priorities. We are implementing this work through the support of our Department of Defense Next Generation Learning Grant, D11's Next Generation coordinator, and an outside consultant. Staff is participating in professional development in Student Centered Learning, Competency Based Learning, Blended Learning, and more.  This training helps us to support individual students learning goals and instructional needs, and helps up be intentional in how we engage students in their own learning. The Freedom Vision is a five year plan with specific priorities and timelines for project implementation. Look for the updated Freedom Vision document to be posted on our website soon.


There is so much to celebrate at Freedom Elementary. We have families that are involved, a trained and motivated staff, multiple learning opportunities  for learners both during and after school, and a community that cares about children. We are Falcon Proud!



Sandra Park

Principal Freedom Elementary



 Freedom PREPARED Graduate